Dieter Klatt & Tom Royston


Bioengineering Faculty

Dr. Dieter Klatt, Ph.D. (T)
Dr. Tom Royston, Ph.D. (B)


The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) has a large research mission focused on diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases, including lung cancer, radiation-induced lung injury, acute respiratory distress syndrome, sickle cell-linked acute chest syndrome, acute lung injury and transplant obliterative bronchiolitis. UIC also has significant expertise and facilities for developing and conducting research utilizing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Conventional proton (1H) MRI does not work well in the lungs due to the abundance of air. Over the past few decades hyperpolarized noble gas MRI has been shown to provide tremendous ability and insights in imaging lung disease and response to treatment. Using xenon (129Xe) gas has the added benefit that it can quantify how well gas is being exchanged in the lungs into the blood stream and tissue. We have acquired a commercial system for generation of 129Xe to catalyze the advances of our ongoing NIH-funded lung research. However, we need to develop a robust set of necessary accessories to implement HP gas MRI in vivo. The Summer BEST participant will be involved in developing and testing MRI-compatible HP gas ventilation technology for rodent models of pulmonary disease in an ultra high-field 9.4 Tesla MRI system.